Monday, 11 May 2009

Just The Job

I was reading Metro again. I also read newspapers which you have to pay for, which is where, I feel, most people fall down.

In any case, I was surprised to see this ad. Never mind being a caretaker on some Australian island for six months - this is the life. It's the best job in the world.

Imagine that. Being paid £38k-45k just to sit and do puzzles. How ace is that? I reckon the £38k is for people who like to have a go at the easy sudoku in the Metro, while the £45k is for your top-end Times cryptic crossword boffins.

Although, seeing as it's a senior role, you probably wouldn't get to do much puzzle solving yourself. You'd spend a lot of time in meetings while people you supervise have all the puzzle solving fun. In a way, you'd be the victim of your own success.

I suppose I should post this here as well. It's all over the internet, but I found it first. I call it: Father Ted as a woman.

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Dr Leonard Hatred said...

This is far too much money for it to be merely a puzzle-related job.
I think the solutions in questions are much more likely to be chemical ones, for example, a solution of copper sulphate in water which, as we all know, is about the only thing you can do with a chemistry set (although if you have a nail and a battery, things get marginally more exciting).
As we're talking about designing senior solutions, I assume this means chemistry from the past, such as a solution of antimony in boric acid.