Friday, 28 March 2008

Well, really!

The little swines are at it again. I thought it was all sorted out after the last time, but apparently I was wrong.

Damn you, HSBC.


Slartibartfast said...

The bastards! But it's everywhere - I was trying to watch a TV programme about The Boy Who Cried His Leg Off on Channel 5 and they kept interrupting it with this sort of unsolicited advert.
If I want a sofa, I'll GO to DFS.
And then the other day I was trying to watch a football match but instead of being able to enjoy my usual uninterrupted view of the pitchside fencing, all I could see was adverts for some godawful local newspaper and paint. Or maybe it was sofas.

Alison Gow said...
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Alison Gow said...

But she didn't mean to. She had just spelled heifer wrong.
Now you'll just have to wonder why forever

Anonymous said...

Was it a reference to Rocko's best mate in the popular cartoon Rocko's Modern Life?