Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Close To Tears

I am disturbed, and more than a little disappointed, to discover that this blog is not among The Observer's 50 Most Influential Blogs.

All right, so I've only been writing this for a month or so, but really? I mean, how dare they? How bloody dare they? I've got thousands* of readers hanging on my every word. If I told you all to jump off a cliff, you would, wouldn't you? Yes you would, because I said so.

But, okay, it's their game. So be it. I've got to play by their rules. Now, I've been through the list and the most influential blogs appear to be about politics, technology, showbiz gossip or sex.

Watch this space** . . .

* Admittedly a lot of them are passive readers, in the sense that they are in the same building/city as somebody ACTIVELY reading this blog. But I'm happy to count them. I mean, there's nothing stopping them walking past a screen displaying this blog. That's just as good as reading it.

** Well, not that space. Nothing's going to change there, is it? I suppose I should have said "Watch the space above this blog entry". But then that will only work when I've published a new blog entry. And if I've done that, you'll have already read it.
I wish I hadn't said anything now.

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Dave said...


Where is the next instalment, BANDAGE?