Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Cabin Fever

I am currently working in a bunker. It's not a real bunker, it's a metaphorical one.

If you want me to be accurate, I am working on a project in an office on my own so I won't be disturbed. It's been about a week now and I'm starting to crave human contact.

It turns out I might even like being disturbed. I even miss Fat Brian a bit.

Possibly it's the heat. There are certainly a lot of people walking past my window in skimpy clothes. It's as if they have never heard the expression "Cast ne'er a clout till May be out".
They're going to feel like big fools if it starts raining.

In fact, I hope it does rain. That'll teach them, the outside people, showing off with their "walking, not working."


stormywhether said...

I would bother to post a comment but I'm far too absorbed in the Liverpool Daily Post's Live Blog thing.

It's quite exciting, in a 'hey, it reminds me of watching the vidiprinter on BBC1 when the scores were coming in' kind of way.

So it's not really pioneering technology at all. They're FOOLING US!

Alison Gow said...

You have windows and things to look at. I have Tony McDonough's back as a vista.
That leaves you NO RIGHT to complain. And stormywhether is right... the Live Blog is fooling everyone as we actually hired actors to pretend to be reporters for the day. Hhehehehehehe

stormywhether said...

Lol @ Alison - how clever of you to drop into an absolutely unrelated sentence the names of two of Micro$oft's operating systems!

Taxi for Bandage! Gowan Alisondage, our saviour, is now here to take your place!