Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Chomsky/Titchmarsh Axis

I had a look on because somebody came to visit me based on a search for Judi Dench. To be honest, I doubt my visitor found what he/she was looking for, as my detail on Dame Judi's current whereabouts/projects was sketchy at best.

Anyway, it turns out that if you put the search term "Noam Chomsky Alan Titchmarsh" into, THIS is the only blog which mentions both of those luminaries in the one post.

I find that frankly astonishing. They're both leaders in their field (or garden, in the case of Titchmarsh, Ha! LOL! ROFFLE! LMAO! LFL!). Why would nobody else speak of them in the same breath? How dare they, how bloody dare they?

So my challenge to you is this. If you are a regular, or irregular, blogger, please give the pairing a mention. Let's give the Titchmarsh/Chomsky axis the kudos it deserves.

Thank you.


Patti Smith said...

See, you do something clever and no-one posts a comment.

Write something about how Wagon Wheels are smaller than they were in the 1970s (or is it some quirk of evolution that gives us tiny hands in adulthood? Damn that whole fish/monkey genetic thing) and everyone wants to get in on the act.

Christ, it's like bleedin' Five Live:
"Yeah, I'm Scoggsy from Netherton and I just wanted to say that Wagon Weelz roolz!"
"Mad for them Wagon Weelz, la."
"What do you call a Wagon Wheels?
"Alex Curran in a Bentley."
"Biscuit nostalgia is, like, so 2002. Anyone who is, like, anyone, is, like, totally - you know? - into liquorice bootlaces, like the red ones that taste of chemical experiments, like you know what I'm sayin, like?"

Dancin' Barefoot said...

I should have said "tiny hands in CHILDhood", of course - but you could see where I was going.