Monday, 29 September 2008

Animal Cruelty

"How much is that doggy in the window?/The one with the waggily tail?"

What sort of pet shop puts a dog in the window? The logistics of such an action chill me to the bone.

I bet they put a cat next to it. And a mouse next to that. They probably think, "Ooh, it'll be just like a cartoon."

No, it'll be a bloodbath. Irresponsible idiots. How dare they? I mean, how bloody dare they? They shouldn't be glamorized in song, they should be strung up. Monsters.

I know it's an old song, but it's only just occurred to me.

Goodness me, it's nice to be back.


Max Quordlepleen said...

And how we've missed you, Graham.

Leevil said...

"... I do hope that dog is for sale."

Nah, it's just for show, its life purpose is to temp customers in so they buy the other dogs and have them go to lovely homes, whilst old waggly tail has to sit in the window all day, everyday.

Bugger, that IS a depressing song.