Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Hair Today, Etc

I've got one of those beards like Radovan Karadzic has got. A special magical beard of invisibility.

I've been wearing it for the last couple of weeks while I've been in hiding and I have to say it's certainly done the trick. I've not been mithered by any of the people I've been hiding from.

For proof they work, see this. You'll have to look very hard, but if you concentrate you can see a mass-murdering war criminal hiding in plain sight ON THE TELLY.

I understand Osama Bin Laden gets his beards of invisibility from the same supplier as me.

Perhaps the Portugeuse police are on to this, but it's all gone terribly wrong. Maybe they've been confused because they've been looking for a bearded toddler. That's probably the most likely explanation.


Captain Mac said...

Yeah, like you could grow a beard!

Graham Bandage said...

Well, that's why I've got to buy one from the same supplier as Osama Bin Laden. Keep up, Captain Mac. Life's not all about rocket ships, Bacofoil suits and special food pills, you know.

Loz said...

I thought the best place to hide is in plain sight?!

Dirk Gently said...

Czar Peter the Great of Russia {1672-1725), in an attempt to westernise his court, made his boyars, or high-ranking courtiers, shave off their traditional long beards or else pay an annual tax of 100 roubles, which was probably the same as a million, trillion pounds now.
If only they too had had access to your supplier of fake beards - because as the old Russian saying goes, a rouble saved is МНОП ҀРСТѪ!

Some Evil Treen or other said...

Forgive my slight off-topic-ness, but having watched Saturday morning CITV the other day (well, Saturday, actually) I now know who Captain Mac (or Mack) is!
You see, we're not really an ITV household, as we live in Southport and have antimacassars on our furniture.
But what a top Dan Dare-style character he is, and no mistake! And, of course, Dan Dare was invented in Southport when the Rev Marcus Morris ....... zzzzzzzzzz